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Item # C1803

Elegant white jug figuring a bird, geometric design.
Height 25, Diam. 26 cm
Price: 300 €

Marius BESSONE (1929-) opened his own pottery in Vallauris in 1954 with his wife Huguette. On the top of his artistic talents, he invented new ceramics techniques.
BLIN Jacques

Item # C1450

Round vase, shades of brown and black.
Height 20, Diam.18 cm
Price: 150 €

item # 4074

Dimensions: 25x14.5x18 cm
Price: 600 €
Jacques BLIN (1920-1996)

Item # C1866

White plate, red and black design of a mare with its foal.
Diam. 37,5 cm
Price: 800 €

Yves BRAYER (1907-1990) is a famous French painter. He studied at the Paris Ecole des Beaux-Arts, travelled a lot worldwide, and also spent some significant time in the south of France. He also created wall tapestry cartoons, settings and costumes for the theatres and operas. A museum is dedicated to him in Les Baux de Provence in the south of France.
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