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Item # C1759

Large vase on the theme of twins
Height 33, width 30 cm.
Signed GBG and artist's mark
Price: 800 €

Giselle BUTHOD GARCON (1954-) is famous for her raku ceramics since she settled in 1982 her own workshop in the South of France (Gard). Many international exhibitions.

Item # C1767

Brown vase, incised geometric design
Height 16, Width 12 cm
Price: 250 €

Item # C16

Black glazed stoneware bowl, beige abstract design inside
Diam. 28 cm
Price: 400 €
Michel CARLIN (1935-) was born in Savoy in France. He was a painter as well as a ceramist, and as such spent some time in Vallauris. In 1968, he invigorated the pottery founded in 1923 by A. Gleize in Moly Sabata in the South-East of France and was an active member of the group made of sculptors, painters and photographers.

C 4072

Forme typical for Chambost work
Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 13 cm

Item # C1894

Large egg.
Height 33, Diam. 22 cm
Signed and dated
Price: 1800 €
Pol CHAMBOST (1906-1983) settled his pottery studio at Ivry sur Seine (near Paris). He created various pieces inspired by the French ceramist of the 18th century, Bernard Palissy. His ceramics are very much achieved with a talented pureness and monochrome glaze.
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